Online Medical Records

Create your own medical record online, accesible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Collaborate on your medical records with your physician so it's always complete an up to date. You can invite your physician if he/she is not a member already.

Physician Requests

Make communicating with your physicians practice easy and convenient. myEliteHealth features a suite of online forms for requesting appointments, prescription refills, referrals and more. If your physician isn't already a member simply invite him/her to the physician network.

Daily Health Tracking

myEliteHealth makes managing your health easy with it's Health Tracker feature. This features allows the user to input vital signs such as blood pressure on a daily basis then graph these readings in a chart to see trends.

Online Physician Consultations

Save time and money through online medical consultations, also known as eConsultations. For a small fee you can securely consult with your physician via live video chat or email. eConsultations are great for follow up visits, when you're traveling or if it's inconvenient to make it to your physicians office.


myEliteHealth's marketplace features hundreds of physician recommended products that you can purchase 24/7 and have shipped directly to your doorstep. As a member you're entitled to exclusive discounts on these products. Products include Heart Rate & Stress Monitors, Nutraceuticals, etc.

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